With corporate video projects, it’s all about ROI.   With enough money, it’s easy to produce a polished video… but you may never get a return on the investment.  Conversely, if you do it on a shoestring budget, you may do more harm than good.  They key is finding the right balance that delivers bang-for-the-buck.

At CineVIDEO, we believe that upfront planning pays dividends in terms of reducing production cost (and surprises!)  On a typical video project, like a commercial or training video, our rough time breakdown might look something like –

25% Pre-production Planning (the cheapest part of production)

25% Shooting (the most expensive part of cinematic production)

50% Post Production (cheaper than shooting, more expensive than planning)

Surprised?  Most people think that the majority of the time is spent actually shooting.   And they are not wrong for many videography companies.  Many videographers do little to no upfront planning, show up and start shooting, and then just cut it together chronologically at the end with some overlay graphics and a soundtrack thrown on top.   And that totally works if you want your video to look like the local news coverage or a cheap wedding video.

Our approach is different in that we start by thinking about what we want the final product to look like… what story we want to tell and how we want to tell it.  Our shoot time them becomes getting what we need rather than recording what happens.  In post production, we then marry the plan and the footage, with expert editing, to bring the vision to life.

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